About me


I’m Bram in ‘t Zandt. I’m a Master student in TRU/e Security. I have a part-time job at Yoast, a company in Wijchen. I like to read, sport and develop in my free time.

About me

I’m a Master student in TRU/e Security at the Radboud University in Nijmegen and the Technical University in Eindhoven. I obtained my Bachelor Computing Science in the year 2019. I followed a track called “Digital Security” where the main focus is on Cyber Security. Since this interested me very much, I decided to follow my Master in the same field.

My current job is at Yoast as a developer in the Platform team. This means that I am mostly working on the my.yoast.com platform, the server and the yoast.com website. I’m doing work on both the front-end and the back-end.

Our front-end is written in ReactJS while our server is written in NestJS. Rewriting the server was my last big project. In a team of three, we ported our old server (written in Loopback) to NestJS. I have learned a lot doing this: in both the management side of such a huge project as in the actual development work inside the team.

My main takeaway? Communication is key! People always say it is, but during this project I learned that it is true. It was very important for us to communicate clearly to our management, in part because they had set an unrealistic goal for us. Inside our team we noticed that communication was important as well. In the beginning, the communication between team members was poor. It took some time before it started to improve. But in the end it was going much better. Improving my communication is something that I try to do daily.

In my free time, I maintain hydrofiel.nl. This is the site for the Student Swim and Waterpolo-association of Nijmegen. I created this site mainly on my own some two years ago and it is still running great. There are some things that I would like to improve in the near future. Have a look at the repo for an idea of my plans (and feel free to leave a comment).

I’m also a member of Hydrofiel. I used to play water-polo but I quit since this year because I noticed that it was costing me more energy than I got from it. For now, I’m sticking to swimming and running to keep fit.

If you want to contact me, have a look at the side bar. My main fields of interest are: JavaScript/TypeScript, Cryptography, Cyber Security and Web Development. But if you want to talk about swimming or running, that’s fine with me as well! ;)